• Have companies really grown from these business growth principles?.

    For 20 years we have been helping business accelerate and grow using the principles taught in this course. 26 business awards have been won by our clients over the last seven years for growth and many going on to achieve multimillion businesses and exits. Learn what these clients have put into practice.

  • If I have questions during the course that I am not sure of can I talk to somebody?

    Of course, part of the power of the course is that you can create a discussion with us or other participants to share understanding and implementation tactics of what you have learned. Application of the knowledge to your business is far more important to us than for you just to acquire knowledge.

  • The cost of the course appears to be a lot more than other business courses, why is that?

    We are not just creating a course to give you head knowledge. We have created a course so that you can immediately apply the principles to your business to allow you to grow fast and profitably. This is an investment in you and your business. The return on investment of higher revenue and greater profits we would have thought would be of interest to you. Just check out what our clients say on our website.

Your Entrepreneur Instructor

Managing Partner - [W]sq solutions

Wayne Wright

Dr Wayne Wright has worked for some of the world’s largest businesses such as Dupont, National Starch (ICI), Caradon etc. His experience is in the building of businesses from the bottom up with a clear understanding of the strategic elements essential in driving successful growth. He is named on 8 patents. Wayne has investments in two healthcare businesses in the UK and the US, and a former exit from Paul Henry Architects. He currently owns Maidstone Warriors Basketball Club, the largest youth basketball club in the UK Kent region. Through [W]sq solutions, many of his coaching clients go on to win national business awards; 26 over the last seven years! This included achieving the Queen’s award for Export and Innovation. Wayne has been identified as one of the top 3 business advisor in the UK (IC award), 'Premier League' Executive Coach for the European Union and a former IoD Kent, ‘Director of the Month’, following his client’s business growth successes. His new book ‘The 10 Commandments of Business Growth’ chronicles the strategies, tactics and tools that have helped his clients achieve phenomenal multimillion growth and exits from their businesses.